"The fresh pasta made here will give much more quality to our dishes"

Maccheroni is the result of an adventure that began with a group of friends 14 years ago. They left their little Italian town to bring to Seville the authentic gastronomy of their land. And liked. The proof is that today they are a group with several restaurants and have become one of the benchmarks for Italian cuisine in Seville.

Massimiliano Innocenzi, his sister Fabrizia, his brother-in-law Franco Roscini and the Sevillian Rafael Machuca have put down roots in the Seville culinary scene and a year ago they signed the Italian chef Simone Guidi to give an innovative point to the menus of their restaurants.

Maccheroni, the pasta laboratory

Now they have set up a whole pasta laboratory in Maccheroni with which they will offer a more original and authentic cuisine than before, a new adventure with which they want to distinguish themselves and champion the Italian cuisine that is cooked in Seville and that translates into a menu that is about to see the light.

—What will be the main novelties of your letter?

—The main novelty is that we will work with fresh pasta made here, which will make all our dishes almost 100% homemade and will give them higher quality. We are also abandoning the classic yeast to make pizzas and we will use mother yeast, with which we will have lighter and more digestible pizzas, with more flavor, smell and better texture. After eating there will be no feeling of being bloated as is often the case with pizzas.

After eating there will be no feeling of being bloated

—Is it easy to find an Italian restaurant that makes artisan pasta?

'It isn't, not even in Italy. Only the good restaurants in the big cities are doing it there. This way of working pasta is very innovative. Everything, with few exceptions, is done on the fly, without going through the freezer.

—And will they also innovate in the recipes of this new menu?

—We reviewed some of the traditional Italian recipes, such as rigatoni with amatriciana sauce, which is usually made with very powerful land products and now we do it with seafood. The provolone, which is seen everywhere, we have made it with an original version, in fried sticks with tomato jam. We also have some ravioli stuffed with pears and cheese in walnut sauce or buffalo mozzarella with Sevillian organic lemons.

We work with dark flour, which is now very fashionable in Italy

—And is there any other nod to local gastronomy?

—We have an Iberian pizza with ham and goat cheese made with dark flour, which is very fashionable now in Italy. It is a flour that is extracted from wheat once burned and has always been a humble food, although it is now used in restaurants for its surprising flavor. In Seville we are the first to use it and perhaps we will be in Spain.

Does Seville get along with Italian cuisine?

Max, Chef of Maccheroni

—Does the Sevillian value authentic Italian cuisine?

—Fifteen years ago we brought authentic Italian gastronomy to Seville and at first it was difficult to introduce it, since what was here was pseudo-Italian, but over time people get to know us and appreciate our cuisine.

—For many Spaniards the pasta "al dente" as you put it is too hard.

—We have a timer in the kitchen so we don't miss a second and we've never passed more pasta to whoever asked us to. Taking pasta al dente improves the flavor, texture, and even the sauce. Completely upgrade the dish!

—Are you also going to innovate with the desserts in your new menu?

—The classic is maintained, but there will be a new dessert every week. You cannot miss the tiramisu or the panacota, but we make it with white chocolate and passion fruit Bavarian, for example. People are now looking for something new, something different, and they are more open-minded. In these years, Sevillian gastronomy has changed a lot.

—Are the drinks also Italian?

—All our wines are, in addition to the bottled beers. We also have Italian liqueurs, a large selection of amaros or some for aperitifs, such as Martini or Campari. Also, there is a great selection of grappas.

Lastly, which Sevillian restaurants would you recommend?

—Alcuza and Mechela.


C/ Garcia de Vinuesa, 26.

From Tuesday to Sunday.

Telephone: 954 50 10 15


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