The love for our origins and the desire to experiment with gastronomy accompany us throughout our professional career.

The love for our origins and the desire to experiment with gastronomy accompany us throughout our professional career.

Our adventure in Spain began in the year 2000, when our first projects took shape. So we started a long path in which dedication, commitment and passion for what we do have always been our key ingredients.

The commitment to the avant-garde of culinary techniques, quality raw materials and care for the aesthetics of our dishes are factors that are always present in our gastronomic concepts.

Maccheroni & Co.
The adventure begins!.
Arenal/Downtown neighborhood

Since our opening in 2002, the restaurant Maccheroni it has been a special place in Seville to enjoy the authentic Italian cuisine. Our experienced chefs use traditional techniques and recipes to prepare delicious and authentic dishes that will transport you directly to Italy.

Today, Maccheroni is a true reference in the production of fresh pasta in Seville and is a very popular place among those seeking an authentic and innovative culinary experience.


Pasta workshop
We make our own fresh pasta

In our fresh pasta lab, we proudly make our own fresh pasta and stuffed fresh pasta. Our expert chefs work daily to ensure that each bite of our fresh pasta is unique and delicious. We use high-quality, fresh ingredients to ensure that our fresh pasta has a unique flavor and texture.

Bread & Wine
We opened what was our second
establishment in the city

Bread & Wine the trattoria-pizzeria, a small family restaurant Informal, with very traditional dishes.

L'Oca Giuliva
We open in the Santa Cruz neighborhood
Location: Mateos Gagos/Giralda street

In 2011 L'Oca Giuliva was awarded with the “Ospitalità Italiana” Award, it is an honor for any Italian restaurant to receive this award, as it demonstrates the commitment to tradition and quality. Aspects such as the quality of customer service, the restaurant service, as well as the authenticity of the food and the atmosphere.

We bet on Mediterranean cuisine.
German street location.

Gusto is an emblematic Mediterranean restaurant in Seville, located in front of the Giralda, which offers a wide variety of international dishes and specialized in paellas.

We are open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners. everyday,

La Gallina Bianca
La Cucina in the style of Nonna
Location in Santa Maria La Blanca.
Royal Alcazar/Murillo Gardens

La Gallina Bianca a strictly homemade restaurant, committed to the diversity of traditional Italian cuisine. Inspired by the "cucina della nonna" (grandmother's cuisine), we offer a wide variety of typical dishes from different regions of Italy, much more than pizza and pasta. 

Mom Bistro
A very cosmopolitan bistro.
Location Mateos Gagos street.

A year later, we wanted to bet on the concept of bistro inspired by the influence of traditional cuisine, by oriental currents and by Mediterranean culture.

Maccheroni Alfalfa
Reference of the Neapolitan Pizza in Seville
Location Plaza de la Alfalfa.
Las Setas/Downtown

Maccheroni Alfalfa, reference of the Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza in Seville. Italian restaurant, with fresh pasta workshop.

Pizza Lab

Our Pizza laboratory begins and we create the Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza with our expert Chef Antonio Silvestri

GMI A Casa Tua
Dark Kitchen, signature cuisine

Wherever you are, you can enjoy the cuisine that you have always found in our Italian restaurants, our most careful and authentic selection of the classics of Italian cuisine.

IL Pesciolino
Exclusive seafood and fish restaurant.
Location Mateos Gagos street.

Il Pesciolino it's a restaurant specialized in seafood , distinguished by its commitment to quality and freshness of its ingredients. As part of our commitment to culinary excellence, we purchase our seafood at the fish market, making sure we always get the best on the market. Our menu is versatile and offers a wide variety of dishes that combine Spanish, Italian and international sea essences. From fresh seafood to fish preparations, at Il Pesciolino you will find something to satisfy every taste.

Bio Mio
Ecological brunch.
Location Mateos Gagos street.

BIO MIO, where the important thing is real healthy cooking, made from very well selected raw materials, breakfasts, brunches and lunches are served

Naturalmente Real Food
Ecological restaurant.
Location Rodrigo Caro street.
Seville Jewish Quarter/Cathedral

"Our purpose is to prioritize quality food of the territory, its diversity and the seasons – which brings us closer to a kind of diet that embrace all the flavor and goodness of seasonal fruits and vegetables. This aspect plays an important role in what we create and bring to the table, what we share with our loved ones – quality time – and as an added value, the benefits to our health. At Naturalmente, we believe that the future is to bet and give value to what is ours, using ecological products, from small artisans and from nearby."

Farina 23
GMI Group expands with a new restaurant in La Alameda.
A pizzeria with a totally new concept.

Farina 23 arrives in Seville with a 360º concept of Italian pizza, presenting some of its most emblematic recipes and working on different types of masses and of flours.

A place where you can get to know Italian pizza in a multitude of formats and styles. And you, which pizza are you?

Made with love by dSumeki

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