Energetic, healthy and additive-free breakfasts at Gusto

Energetic, healthy and additive-free breakfasts at Gusto

Just a few months ago we launched a new page of healthy options for breakfast and snacks at Gusto, the new healthy choices!

For months Gusto's head chef, Fotios Daskalopoulos, and nutritionist Kiara Guerra, were designing what we wanted to be a menu full of options balanced, energetic, healthy and without additives.

The essence of this new “green” page in our breakfast and brunch options is seasonal fruit and vegetables, homemade nut creams, granola made in our workshop, and sourdough bread.

What news can you find?

The healthy bowls

These are bolws based on yogurt (soy or Greek) with Fresh fruits that vary according to the season and the market offer (redcurrants, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, mango).

The deliciously unique point of our bowls is provided by two ingredients: the Homemade granola oatmeal and crumbles (cocoa, hazelnuts) and toppings homemade of nuts, toasted cashew butter, almond butter, peanut butter or hazelnut cream.

The“on balance” toast

Our classic and beloved Iberian ham toast is accompanied by new versions that make your mouth water. Among the salty toasts you find the toast with ricotta and salmon, chives and sesame, the toast of avocado with lemon, salt, cherries, radishes, sesame and arugula or toast with scrambled eggs, homemade tomato sauce, basil and pumpkin seeds.

For those who like sweet, we have the toast with peanut butter with canary banana, cinnamon and honey or maple syrup.

We also have vegetarian options, such as ricotta toast, semi-dried tomatoes and arugula, which is also delicious.

Special Tea

We have incorporated three big ones: the Chai Latte (black tea with spices infused in milk) the Golden Milk (house blend, based on turmeric and spices infused in milk) and the Matcha Latte (Japanese green tea infused in milk)


Our smoothies are made by combining milk of the customer's preference (soy, coconut or cow) with lots of fresh fruit. The result is an extra energetic combo that feels great for both body and mind.

In our menu we have incorporated the smoothie of Piña colada with coconut milk, the one with Berries (raspberry, strawberry and blueberries with Greek yogurt), the Green Way (with cow's, soy or coconut milk, with green apple, kiwi and avocado), the Date Shake (with dates, Canarian banana, almond cream and cinnamon), Papaya & coconut (coconut milk, mango and chia seeds)
And we also have the Seasonal smoothie with the type of milk you prefer (cow, soy, coconut) and seasonal fruit.

Fruit and vegetable juices, only fruit spin

Our seasonal fruit and vegetable spinners are an ultra-concentrated dose of vitamins that work as a natural antioxidant.

We have the Berry-Beet (strawberries, beetroot, blueberries) the one with orange, carrot and ginger, the Green lover (apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon) Ananas-tumeric (pineapple, apple, ginger and turmeric) the Mix of fruit and mint and of course the fresh natural orange juice.

We have decided to bet on the rich and healthy, we will continue to surprise you!

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