Love for our origins and desire to discover innovation accompanies us along our professional path

Our adventure in Spain start in the year 2000, when our projects begin to take shape.
A long route in which, dedication, commitment and passion have always been the key words of our journey. Our attraction for quality, innovation, as well as for aesthetics, blend to create all our new concepts.
In 2008 we set up the GMI Group which today coordinates and administers the activities of 5 restaurants.
Initially founded to manage our first two restaurants, "MACCHERONI" in 2001 which has become a strength for its production of fresh pasta and "PANE & VINO" in 2006, it extends then in 2009 with "L’ OCA GIULIVA", a small romantic restaurant, synonym for authenticity and genuineness.
In 2012 we open "GUSTO" a revolutionary concept restaurant, open from breakfast to dinner, where we offer a sober cuisine with Mediterranean flavors.
In 2014 we inaugurate "LA GALLINA BIANCA" that with its “house-made” brand will take the place of "PANE & VINO".
Not even one year later, in July 2015 we continue our climb with the opening of "MAMÁ BISTRO" restaurant and “tapas” where creativity and high quality blend to create new fusion cuisine.


A large family

Captained by four members engaged each one in their own role.
Beside us one supervisor chef, one director of social networks, one labor consultant and a group of 70 young people, including cooks and waiters, coming from various parts of the world.
Our work, challenging but fascinating, extends from design and creation of our restaurants to the management and direction, from the financial analysis to personnel training.
We consider ourselves a large family.




Calle Garcia De Vinuesa nº22, Entreplanta
41001 Sevilla
Phone: 954 214 928
E-Mail: info@grupogmi.eu

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